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What is Strategic Organizational Change?

It's about taking a proactive approach to getting things done and making things happen to achieve business goals. It separates companies that have achieved success by taking action from those that are left behind wondering what happened. We adhere to the principle that for an organization to be successful, it should focus on strategy, structure, process, people, and reward.

A Leader of Change


George Vukotich, Ph.D., is a globally recognized organizational consultant, educator, speaker, and author. Throughout his years in the industry he has helped hundreds of leaders and organizations become more successful. He has spoken on topics related to change and innovation and has published books and articles that have helped organizations employ and embrace the opportunities that come with change.

A Thought Leader


George Vukotich, Ph.D. is sought out for his perspectives on how change can impact individuals and organizations.

Individual Change can happen through changes in life circumstances many of which are unplanned. Having someone to listen and talk through options with can make a difference.

Organizational Change comes in many ways; political, economic, social, technology, environmental, and legal. The impact to the Individuals and how they respond will determine whether growth or decline follows.

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Some Recognized Books


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George has worked with a wide range of individuals and organizations. His writings are based on his practical work in the field not just from academic studies. He has been there.

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Culture trumps all; leaders cannot lead, strategies cannot be implemented, and change will not be effective unless an organization's culture allows it to happen. It starts with culture. This book addresses why.

Whether driven by politics, economics, technology, or global shifts - the ability to proactively make change happen is the key to survival and success. This guide takes you through the steps of how to make it happen.

George has presented his work to thousands of individuals and organizations around the world. He is known for being able to take his work and adapt it to cultures globally.

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