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George Vukotich

George Vukotich, Ph.D.
Strategic Organizational Change

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   Innovation and Change

Things change, to be successful you need to change too. Whether it's related to changes in customer preferences,  technology advancement, or helping people grow and develop:

- Identifying Change
- Strategy Formulation
- Process Improvement
- Innovative Thinking
Operational Improvement
- Change Management
- Sales and Marketing
    Culture Development

Without a culture of trust and collaboration change cannot happen effectively and leadership will be limited in what it can do. Understanding an organization's culture is the starting point to survival and growth:

- Culture Assessment
- Organization Surveys
- Organization Design
- Competency Modeling
- Collaborative Practices
- Building Change Teams 
  Leadership Effectiveness

Developing individuals to be effective leaders requires learning and applying skills to bring others together to get things done:

- Personal Understanding
- 360 Feedback
- Executive Coaching
- Team Development
- Performance
- Project Leadership
- Project Management
- Succession Planning


What's Your Offering - Core vs Extended Products and Services

Trends - Where Are Things Going

Solving Problems - Not Just Addressing Symptioms 

Reactive vs. Proactive Change 

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